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Congratulations! if you are on this page. this means you have already Completed the  PCB Design

Now what should be done next?

Should you go ahead for the manufacturing or prototyping and invest huge money and time?


You should make sure there are no basic design errors and functionality  met by reviewing PCB from the Experts?

Common Sense says the latter option is more wise and ensures that the risks are mitigated by investing a very small amount of time and money.

Further a sound sleep is something guaranteed once there are no doubts about the functionality of the design

In Short, PCB Design or PCB Layout plays a critical role for any successful product development.

Even if the circuit design or schematic is correct, if the PCB Design Layout is done wrong then the PCBs don’t work at all. If you already have the schematic or circuit and looking to develop a PCB design, we shall advise that the existing Schematic and PCB Design be reviewed before proceeding to PCB Prototyping stage